Entry Guidelines for The Laurel Prize

The Laurel Prize will open for submissions again in 2022, exact dates to be confirmed


First Prize


Second Prize


Third Prize


Prize for Best First Collection


Prizes will be given to the authors of the best collections of nature or environmental poetry published in English worldwide.

Entries and Eligibility

Terms and conditions

1) Collections of poetry must be submitted by the publisher.

2) Entries are open to all poets writing in the English language anywhere in the world.

3) Five copies of each book submitted must be sent to – The Laurel Prize, 39 Mosedale, Moreton in Marsh, Gloucestershire, GL56 0HP, United Kingdom.

4) All entries must have been published in English within the dates specified above. Translations from other languages are not eligible.

5) Entries from individual poets of their own work will not be accepted. This includes self-published collections.

6) Publishers may enter up to four separate collections of poetry.

7) Collections may be submitted in bound proof form if the final book is not available before the submission deadline.

8) Pamphlets are not eligible for the Laurel Prize. All collections should be more than 40 pages.

9) All works entered for the Laurel Prizes will also be considered for use by the Prize. This is a non-profit venture and it is therefore a condition of entry that publishers allow poems to be reproduced without payment of a fee, but with appropriate acknowledgements on our website, in our newsletter, in associated publications and on social media channels.

10) Anthologies or collections of works by more than one author are not eligible. Books aimed specifically at children are not eligible. Poems or collections of poetry must be written in English.

11) Work submitted on behalf of an author who is deceased at the date of publication of the work is not eligible.

12) Shortlisted and winning poets will be expected to be available for publicity around the awards and where possible to attend the ceremony. Poets may also be recorded at the ceremony or for promotion of the Prizes. The Prize will not pay international travel expenses.

13) Publishers must share with The Laurel Prize contact details of the shortlisted poets within a week of request.

14) Please check the date and eligibility guidelines carefully. Any work that does not meet the rules will be disqualified. The Laurel Prize’s decision on the eligibility of an entry is final and binding.

15) No collection of poetry, entered for The Laurel Prize will be returned.

16) All entries must be accompanied by a completed entry form which is downloadable and attached.

If you have questions about the guidelines, please contact Sally Carruthers, [email protected]

Click here to download a copy of the application form.

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